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"You should have thought of that before you slept with that whore."
Hera to Zeus in Back to Olympus.

Hera is the main antagonist in the first season of the Blood of Zeus. As the Queen of the Heavens and wife to Zeus, Hera commands great power and respect. Unable to tolerate her husband's infidelities anymore, Hera ignites a civil war amongst the Pantheon and revives the Giants during her quest for vengeance.


During the Gigantomachy, Zeus saved Hera and the two fell in love. Eventually, they were married and ruled Olympus together. Overtime, however, Zeus proved to be extremely unfaithful and had numerous affairs, resulting in several bastard children with both mortals and gods.

Throughout the Series

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Hera is known to be a headstrong and cunning Olympian. Being the only one of her sisters to wield a blade, she is confident, stubborn, and brace. At the beginning of her marriage, Hera presents a more compassionate and loving side of herself. Showing care for Zeus's title despite his infidelity.

However, over the years, her frustration towards Zeus reached a breaking point. Due to her belief that marriage should be faithful, Hera has great loathing for the mistresses and the illegitimate children of Zeus since they are all concrete evidence of her husband's infidelities. Tired of Zeus taking her for granted, Hera strikes out on her own. She began acting more deceiving and cunning, convincing the other gods to side with her while confronting Zeus about his intervention with the humans. Even though she messed with fate.

Hera is also rather jealous and petty about Zeus's infidelity. Seen by her vengeful spirit against one of Zeus's son, Heron, as well as calling Hermes, Zeus's bastard. Hera also often touched her hair and fixed it when upset and assuming a more fixed demeanor.

Physical Appearance

Hera has long aubergine hair that is seen to be tied in a braid with gold and silver ribbon weaved in. Hera possesses cyan-blue eyes and is taller than the average human like all the other gods. Hera is incredibly beautiful and seems to appear as a perfect woman, like all the other goddesses. She wears a floor-length pastel purple dress with a deep v neckline laced with golden trims that exposes much of her bust. Her dress has a high slit on the left, revealing her entire leg. Hera also wears jewelry from her royal tiara, armbands, to necklaces, the most prominent is a golden choker decorated with aqua gems and clear ornaments. She is also shown to be wearing the Golden Fleece.

Powers and Abilities

  • Immortality: Like all the Greek gods, Hera is seemingly ageless, or at the very least extremely long-lived, and cannot be killed by conventional means.
  • Accelerated Healing: Hera can rapidly repair damage sustained on her body, but seemingly cannot regrow severed limbs, seeing as Seraphim cut of her hand.
  • Superhuman Durability: Hera's body is significantly more durable and resistant to blunt force trauma than an ordinary human's, but she is not invulnerable and can be physically wounded.
  • Superhuman Strength: Hera seems to possess an undefined level of divine strength.
  • Aerokinesis: During an argument with Zeus, Hera's anger seemed to incite strong gusts of winds.
  • Telekinesis: During the Gigantomachy, Hera was shown to be able to use telekinesis to attack and restrain the Giants. Her telekinetic aura is colored light purple and normally glows around her hands and the objects she telekinetically manipulates.
  • Telepathy: Hera proved she can enter into other minds to project images and memories, doing so in a way to manipulate Seraphim into allying with her.
  • Crow Manipulation: Hera can apparently manipulate and influence crows to do her bidding. Whether this is due to some supernatural influence or actual loyalty on their part is unknown.
  • Shapeshifting: Hera can change her form at will, with a preferred form being a bird. She did, at two separate points, take the forms of Alexia and Hermes. Her shapeshifting skill was sufficient enough to fool Zeus, allowing her to catch him of off-guard and stab him in the neck.
  • Flight: Hera is able to move through the air at will, even when in her more humanoid form; whether this is derived from her telekinetic powers is currently unknown.


  • Hermes' Armband: (formerly) Hera managed to steal Hermes' armband, allowing her to manipulate the souls of the Giants, releasing or placing them in the Cauldron. After Zeus apparently sacrificed his life to save hers, Hera lost the armband after Seraphim used the bident to cut off her hand.
  • The Cauldron: (formerly) Hera briefly possessed the Cauldron, an item that held the disembodied souls of the Giants.


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